Previous exhibitions 21 novembre 2015 – 24 abril 2016

Una mirada emocionada

Fotografies de Ramon Mascort Amigó

The exhibition shows photographs by Ramón Mascort Amigó, Founder and President of the Mascort Foundation, stemming from his curiosity and interest in learning, valuing and admiring the cultures in the world, beauty and art. As he says: “I wish to show my gratitude and happy memory to all those who, on my recent journeys, have accepted my excited gaze through a camera”.

MiradaEl llibre mostra per primera vegada obra fotogràfica del fundador i president de la Fundació Mascort, Ramon Mascort Amigó. Recull 150 retrats on la mirada humana esdevé la gran protagonista, en un infinit ventall d’expressions del sentiment i del pensament dels seus protagonistes