• Who we are

    Casa Galibern is the main house of the Mascort Foundation and is located in the historic center of Torroella de Montgrí. Is a colonial-style house from the late 19th century (1875), built by Ramon Galibern Casanovas (Torroella de Montgrí, 1817-1884), Ramon Mascort Amigó’s great-grandfather.

In the mid-19th century, Ramon Galibern “went to make the Americas” in southern Brazil, where he married Manuela Francisca de Rezende de Mello (1836-1928), a young woman from Rio Grande do Sul, with parents from the Portuguese island of Madeira.

He served as the Spanish Vice-Consul to Bagé (Rio Grande do Sul), where he resided. When he returned to Torroella, he had the Casa Galibern built to retire and dedicate himself to his family. He returned to his home town where he had this house built as a place where he could retire and devote himself to his family. His daughter, Clara Galibern de Rezende (1861-1941), grandmother of the president of the Mascort Foundation, continued the family lineage by marrying the pharmacist Baldomero Mascort Comas (1847-1890).

The Casa Galibern was opened as the Mascort Foundation main house in 2007, and was restored and adapted to host the exhibitions and activities that the foundation organizes and offers to visitors. The original content of the house is not preserved, since it was destroyed during the Civil War.

Casa Galibern has three floors, with the main floor (the principal) and the floor above being given over to art exhibitions. The blue inner courtyard provides an attractive venue for openings, conferences and concerts. The structure of this courtyard is provided by columns that create a portico, as well as a usable terrace on the floor above. The third floor is not open to the public at the moment as it has yet to be restored.

The vestibule of the house contains a number of publications issued by Lynx Edicions, a publishing house that specialises in the world of nature, fauna, flora and particularly birdlife. The President of the Mascort Foundation, Ramon Mascort Amigó, is the chairman and a founding partner of Lynx, the magnum opus of which is the Handbook of the Birds of the World, which runs to 17 volumes and is recognised as one of the key reference works worldwide in the field of ornithology. In addition, work is now progressing on another collection of a similar standard on the study of all the mammals in the world, the Handbook of the Mammals of the World.

The Patronage

The Patronage is the governing body of the Mascort Foundation and is made up of representatives from various fields.

Ramon Mascort Amigó



Carmen Pascual Massaguer


Director of Companies and Tourist Activities

Jordi Sargatal Vicens


Director of the Aiguamolls Natural Park (1984-1998) and of the Fundació Territori i Paisatge (1998-2009)

General Director of the Mascort Group (2010-2023)

Rosa M. Creixell Cabeza

PhD in Art History - Specialist in Decorative Arts

Associate Professor in the UB Department of Art History, specializing in Museology and Museography

Joan Surroca Sens

Degree in History

Retired educator and museologist

Josep del Hoyo Calduch


Lynx Edicions Director (1989-2022)

Francisco Fernández de Villavicencio Álvarez-Ossorio

Economist - Tax Advisor