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La loza catalana de la Colección Mascort

Josep A. Cerdà i Mellado


30 x 25 cm
528 p.
ISBN: 978-84-615-8878-7

The Mascort Collection of Catalan ceramics is the catalogue that was published on the occasion of the exhibition on Catalan ceramics at the Mascort Foundation in 2012. The book shows more than 600 pieces of blue and polychrome pottery dating from the 14th c. until the 19th c., which include unique pharmacy jars, plates, trays, vases. Each piece is photographed and described in detail. As a research study, this work also includes the results of scientific analysis of components in some pieces to determine its origin of production. Due to the quantity, quality and variety of the pieces, it constitutes a perfect point of reference for the main series produced in Barcelona, Lleida and Reus. It becomes an essential book for anyone interested in ceramics in general and, even more so, in Catalan ceramics, in particular.