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Torroella Vila Vella

Jaume Bassa i Pasqual
Joan Baca i Pericot


30 x 28 cm
246 p.
Translated to English and Spanish.
ISBN: 978-84-611-5689-4

(...) The book provides the reader with plentiful information about the town, suggestions, practical lessons and advice on how to make the best of opportunities and avoid being stuck. The good qualities of this book stem from the richness of its descriptions, its previously unpublished notes, new perspectives, the audacity of its hypothesis and the exquisitely beautiful pictures that transform it into a piece of aesthetically pure art.

(...)If I had to choose a word to define this book, Torroella vila vella, it would be ‘balance’. Once again, it is the balance between its authors. (...) Is it because they are an engineer and an architect that have found the right equilibrium to organise the narrative? As opposed to similar books, which begin with a geographical introduction and then go on with the chronological history of the town, they have chosen here to alternate the information in a delicate, balanced, fluent text that nevertheless manages to be organised throughout.