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José María Mascort. La força del paisatge

Rosa M. Creixell Cabeza


30 x 25 cm
247 p.
Translated to English and Spanish
ISBN:  978-84-613-2662-4

The book José María Mascort. The Power of the Landscape, published by the Mascort Private Foundation and written by Rosa M. Creixell, professor of History of Art at the Universitat de Barcelona, is the first study about the life and work of Torroella’s painter José María Mascort Galibern. This book is not a mere biographical account, but a study and analysis of his extended pictorial work –dominated by the landscapes of the Montgrí- and his relation with contemporary artists like Joaquim Mir. The study also catalogues 676 items of his work kept by individual collectors, the Mascort Private Foundation and some public institutions.