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El arte de la pintura y el dibujo. Visiones 1400-1800

Rosa Mª Creixell i Cabeza

30 x 25 cm
224 p.
ISBN: 978-84-606-8885-3

El arte de la pintura y el dibujo. Visiones 1400 – 1800 (The Art of Painting and Drawing. Visions 1400 – 1800) is the new book published by the Mascort Foundation on the occasion of the homonym exhibition, which can be visited from June until October 2015. It features an artistic itinerary of paintings and drawings dating from the 15th until the beginning of the 19th Centuries that integrate the private collection of Ramon Mascort Amigo. One can learn about religious painting on canvass or wood, Italian and Spanish drawing form the 17th C., landscape painting and vedutas from the 18th and early 19th C. 

International outstanding artists such as Juan Pantoja de la Cruz, Luca Giordano, Luca Cambiaso or Lorenzo Possi are part of this collection. Doctor in Art History Rosa M. Creixell, also a professor at the University of Barcelona, is the curator of the exhibition and author of this book. This edition features all images in colour, detailed study of each work as well as translations of introductory texts in English and French.